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Boredom: Time and the value of doing nothing

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Shahidha Bari, Josh Cohen, Madeleine Bunting, Lisa Baraitser, Rachel Long, and Sam Goodman explore the value of doing nothing and our wider experience of time.

Josh Cohen is the author of Not Working: Why We Have to Stop.
Lisa Baraitser is Professor of Psychosocial Theory at Birkbeck, University of London and co-creator of Waiting Times, a research project on waiting in healthcare
Madeleine Bunting is a novelist and writer
Rachel Long is a poet
New Generation Thinker Sam Goodman from Bournemouth University has been studying the drinking culture in Colonial India.

You might also be interested in BBC Radio 3's Words and Music exploring the idea that we are Creatures of Habit

Producer: Luke Mulhall

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