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The Written Apocalypse with guest A.L. White: Author of the Z Chronicles Join us with A.L. White.

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Join us for another Episode of The Written Apocalypse with featured Author A.L. White

Anthony lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with his wife, one collie, one black lab, and two cats. His favorite genres to write are post-apocalyptic and SyFy.

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Twitter: @ALWhite_author

Check out his book: Z Chronicles

All of civilization is drawing its last breaths as the grip of the

zombie apocalypse tightens on the world. In the last days of government

efforts to stem the spreading plague, Lori’s parents are taken away when

found to be infected—leaving her to look out for her two younger

siblings, Jay and Virginia. Barely an adult in her own right, Lori must

keep them alive, armed only with her wits and the little training her

father’s ‘prepper’ hobby instilled in her. They struggle not only to

avoid the hoards of undead monsters roaming their former neighborhood

and town, but also to stay sheltered, warm, and fed with resources

scarce and sometimes deadly to retrieve. With the help of a fellow

‘prepper,’ Bob, and his two playful yet fearsome dogs, they will face

the roaming corpses of mindless zombies and an even more dangerous

threat moving amongst them.


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