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Prepper Chicks After Dark with host Annie Berdel and guest Cisco Acosta: Prepping for Survival, A Girl's Point of View!

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Join me tonight with our guest Cisco Acosta from Broadcast in Politics!

The Stepping Stones to a Civil War in the U.S.

*False Flags and what to look for

*Is it a regime change blueprint?

*Characteristics of a Revolution

*How close are we?


*Are you prepared?

*Can it be stopped?

Chat room will be rockin!

Preparedness for the 21st Century isn't just for the crazy crowd anymore. Join along as we review the current days events and put together a plan to combat the offensive

We will look at hardline issues that may impact every aspect of our lives and learn, not only from those who pioneered this movement, but from the troops currently on the ground.

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