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Dirt Cheap Preppers Debut Show: Debut Show “Dirt Cheap Preppers”

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This is our debut episode. We’ve been doing news since 2014, hold no affiliation to either side, Only the truth. We also have the added element of prepping and survival. Mike comes from a machining and fabrication background.He has been a prepper for 10 years, but lost all his preps in 2014 and had to start anew. Without having the considerable income that he had previously, he had to learn how to prep as efficient as possible. We have spent the last 5 years building the most sufficient preps with the meager amount of resources available to us. But, there’s a catch…. We are not just prepping for two adults and a black lab, both adults are disabled Mike has moderate COPD and severe joint issues. Jen has Cerebral palsy and walks with the aid of forearm crutches. Needless to say, we have to plan much farther ahead than the average person. Neither of us drive so electric bikes have had to be incorporated into any bug out plans should the need arise but the initial plan is to bug in. The mission of the podcast is to assist in finding inexpensive alternatives for prepping supplies and to instill the knowledge of being able to discern between cheap quality and cheap price. We also intend to discuss inexpensive methods and plans of action to achieve your prepping and survival goals. We intend to have live interaction with the chat so that we can not only be teachers but students as well and to provide individuals with any personal assistance they may need. While we are not new to broadcasting, we are new to the podcast world and we hope you will join and grow with us We are dirt cheap preppers where the meek inherit the earth through prepping

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