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Writing on the Wall: An 'emulsional' election campaign comes to a close in Peru

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A week in the life of correspondents around the world. In this edition, the paint flies as the race for the presidency in Peru gets colourful; a battle for control of the Iraqi city of Falluja is about to begin - it could be a long and gruelling one, the ISIS fighters dug in there have had time to prepare for the arrival of the government forces; time is running out for the German authorities to prosecute those who committed mass murder in Hitler's time - we meet a man trying to hunt them down before it's too late; a barbed wire fence may be in place but migrants are making it through the border from Bulgaria to Serbia with help from smugglers ... and some policemen. And on a visit to Asmara, the Italianate capital city of Eritrea in north east Africa, our correspondent tries to find out the truth about allegations of repression, political prisoners and torture

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