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Judge Brett Kavanaugh: Mark Coles looks at Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's nominee for the US Supreme Court.

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America is bitterly divided.

Should conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh be given a seat on the US Supreme Court ?

Opponents fear his appointment - if confirmed later this month - will shift the country's most powerful legislative body further right and turn the clock back on decades of civil and human rights reforms.
Others argue he's only been nominated by President Trump to ensure he can't be prosecuted for any perceived wrongdoing in the Russia collusion investigation.
Nonsense, say his supporters. Kavanaugh, they insist, is a fair and decent man driven by law rather than politics.

On Profile this week, Mark Coles looks at Kavanaugh's life and career. .

We hear from former college friends, colleagues who worked with him trying to get President Clinton impeached in the 1990s as well as young law students he mentors today.

From abortion to gun ownership, basketball, rap and spaghetti with ketchup... we get the lowdown on why Brett Kavanaugh is such a polarising figure.

Producers Smita Patel & Darin Graham
Editor Penny Murphy.

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