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Cops: Woman snaps, calmly says she killed mom. Preacher with secret double life kills wife. Cops: Son kills wealthy parents, hides bodies.

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A Chandler woman can be heard calmly admitting strangling her mother to death in a 911 call released by the Chandler Police Department on Friday. Elizabeth Ramirez, 59, called police on Jan. 16requesting assistance at the home of her mother, 80-year-old Bertha Hermosillo Gutierrez. The Washington County jury deliberated for about eight hours after getting the case earlier in the day following six days of testimony. Stephen Carl Allwine was found guilty Wednesday night of fatally shooting his wife and staging her death as a suicide. After 26 court appearances and the rejection of a plea deal, jury selection began Thursday in Kyle Navin's double-murder trial. Within minutes, the first juror, a nurse at a local hospital, was chosen. via Knit

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