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039 Farm updates as we head into fall, taking some pastured pigs to the USDA processor, poultry processing workshop: Farm updates this week aplenty as we talk about taking some of our pastured pigs to the USDA processor and processing some of our turkeys on the farm. We talk about being open and honest in the farm community and continue our series on poultry processing.

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Updates from around the farm:

We got some of our pigs to processor and share our feelings on that.
Turkey processing of the first batch
Frost Warning!

In the Coopcast Community

Vivianne shares her experiences raising cornish cross and shares that on her blog.
Adalyn Farms shared with us as well and has Kelli wanting a dwarf goat.
Paul asked some specific business questions about  a farm corporation, LLC, insurance etc and we discuss why we don't answer those questions very well.
John was afraid we were deleting his Facebook post and had some questions about a sleepy rooster and some bad advice he was given.

This weeks Farm U (part 2 of Chicken Processing)

Poultry Processing
Our set up: what we have and our line set up
Some general comments about our HACCP procedures

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