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815 - Gone But Not Forgotten (April 4, 2018): In this episode,we have two shows that have passe…

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In this episode,we have two shows that have passed, but we expect to hear more from their creators soon! Immersive theatre has exploded, and we talked with creators of Curiosities, Anthony Logan Cole and Bryan Knowlton. Both are veterans in the new trend of all things immersive. They discussed not only what they needed to keep in mind creating their piece, but perhaps what you should keep in mind creating yours. Next up, earlier in the Season we talked to the composer of Whiskey Pants, Christian DeGre, who, since I posted the interview, has gone on to be Director for Opera America. In this episode, we talk to book writer Serrana Gay and lyricist Joseph Reese, both of whom I certainly expect to hear from more. Finally, I talk to an old friend, Bret Tuomi who has been making his living for several years both on the road touring with Rock of Ages (a show he made his Broadway debut with) but also treading the boards on many legitimate stages in Chicago. He talks about life as an actor on the road, and in the Windy City. All of this, inside!

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