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Ep 2 - Supporting Diversty and Inclusion with Clarence Patton: Featured Conversation with Clarence Patton Many…

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Featured Conversation with Clarence Patton Many nonprofits are seeking opportunities to create more inclusive and diverse boards and staff, and Clarence Patton is an expert in this area. He serves as the Director of the LGBT Pipeline Project and its Pipeline Consulting affiliate program. We discussed: The difference between being diverse and being inclusive. Signs that an organization is ready to begin the work of becoming more inclusive. Tools that organizations can use to begin a self-assessment. The process Pipeline Consulting and Pipeline Project use to help organizations become more welcoming and inclusive. Whether board give/get requirements are an impediment to creating diverse boards. ​​ You can find more information about Clarence Patton & LGBT Pipeline Project: ​ Article of the Week With Leanne Rubenstein Leanne Rubenstein, Executive Director of Compassionate Atlanta and a Consultant with The Goldenburg Group, presents the article of the week: A Day in the Life of an Executive Director by Joan Garry. We discussed how this article accurately depicted life as an executive director: starting your day early, ending it late, having lots of meetings, and experiencing both emotional highs and lows. The article also drives home the importance of self-care for executive directors, as well as a commitment to continued growth and change.

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