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Lightning Round, Political Civility, and Congressional Campaigning in Maine with Tiffany Bond: We cover the news in a lightning round and talk with Tiffany Bond about her independent run for Congress in Maine.

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Social media has been dominated by the serious stories of immigration atrocities and less serious stories about jackets and restaurants. We cover these stories in our lightning round before talking about the need for civility in our political discourse. Plus, we chat with Tiffany Bond about her run to represent the citizens of Maine in Congress.  Recommended Resources: Obliterating Culture Where Is Barack Obama? Trump Supporters Dig In Zero-Tolerance Prosecution and Family Reunification Trump Decries Immigrant Invasion There’s a Better, Cheaper Way to Handle Immigration A Short, Brutal History of ICE Russia and the Midterm Elections Thanks to our sponsors: Stitcher Premium, Grove Collaborative, and Modcloth.  To support the show and get access to bonus content, visit our Patreon page. 

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