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Roger Stone pleads not guilty to 7 criminal charges; "Sex coach"; Russian agents told me not to talk about oligarch; Medicare for all proposal causes turmoil in Dem primary

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Acting AG Whitaker Mueller probe "close to being completed" ; 6 Trump associates have been indicted or pleaded guilty; Roger Stone calls the case against him is "a legal lynching"; WH claims Mueller's indictments have nothing to do with Pres. Trump; Russian oligarch with Manafort tie pictured with "sex coach"; Woman claims she had proof of Russia-Trump campaign ties; CIA Dir.: We try to ensure people understand Putin's efforts; Bloomberg, Schultz attack Harris & Medicare for all; Schultz goes after Harris & Warren as too progressive; Poll: Majority of American support Medicare for all; Schultz: GOP, Dems ignoring most of America on Health Care; With no sign of deal, another shutdown possible in 17 days; Intelligence chiefs contradict Trump on ISIS, N. Korea, Iran; Doctored digital videos posing threat to 2020, security via Knit

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