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Cohen to resume testimony on Capitol Hill next week; Mob-linked informant with ties to Trump to testify publicly March 14; Ocasio-Cortez & Pelosi warn moderates to vote with party; State Dept: Osama's son taking over as Al Qaeda leader

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Warmbier Family: Kim Jong Un is responsible for our son's death; Dems want answers for Trump demanding Kushner get clearance; NYT: Trump demanded Kushner get top-secret clearance; House Dems threaten subpoenas over Kushner security clearance; Oversight Dem: Want to interview Kelly & see memo on clearance; Christie: Federal prosecutors trying to build a case (if they have one) to indict Trump when he leaves WH; Sources: U.S. & S. Korea to announce large-scale military exercises replaced with smaller drills; Trump downplayed ties to Felix Sater in 2013 deposition; Don Jr. & Nunes encourage release of entire Mueller report; Ocasio-Cortez denies defecting Dems are put on "list" for possible primary challenges; Biden responds to backlash from LGBT activists after calling VP Mike Pence a "decent guy;" Washington Gov enters race, focuses message on climate change; Sanders: Likely won't ask Hillary Clinton for 2020 advice; Raid Docs: Osama was grooming son to take over Al Qaeda; Israeli PM vows to fight corruption charges weeks before election; Israeli PM's legal woes draw comparison to Trump's; Netanyahu assails investigation as "witch hunt." via Knit

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