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Pelosi: Barr's letter "condescending" and "arrogant"; New docs reveal Trump may have misrepresented his wealth; Biden leads the democratic pack in new 2020 poll

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Schiff rejects GOP demands to step down as Intel chair; Nadler: Barr won't commit to releasing full Mueller report; Sources: full Mueller report more than 300 pages; Dem staffer: "primary obstacle" to getting full Mueller report is "the presence of Grand Jury information"; Schiff predicts Mueller will testify before congress; Wash Post: Trump inflated value of winery, golf course and apartment buildings in financial documents; WH official: no "fresh" proposal to replace Obamacare; Booker hits "horrible" 90s crime bill backed by Biden, Sanders; Trump talks to reporters as he departs for campaign rally; Trump: we'll have "far better" than Obamacare including pre-existing; Trump: Smollett case "an absolute embarrassment to our country"; Trump: "I've overridden my people, we're funding Special Olympics"; Trump on Mueller: beautiful conclusion...I haven't seen report via Knit

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