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No charges against people who tried to stop Flynn from cooperating with Mueller; Barr fuels "spy" claim in media blitz, zeroes in on start of Mueller probe; Biden campaign moving into new phase focused on policy

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Mueller Memo: People tied to Trump Admin, Congress discouraged Flynn from cooperating with investigation; Trump: No one told me about Flynn (but Obama did); Trump unleashes on Twitter over "Treason," Flynn, and Clinton; Barr: "Comfortable" with Trump calling Mueller investigation a "Witch Hunt"; Biden to hold first major campaign rally in PA tomorrow; Biden: "I don't yield anybody on my liberal credentials"; Sanders swings through the south as poll numbers slide; Sanders to call for ban on for-profit charter schools; Bullock, Buttigieg, De Blasio trying to woo Iowa voters; Warren calls for congress to protect abortion rights; Mnuchin defies subpoena, won't hand over Trump tax returns; CNN Special: The Trump Family Business, tonight @9pm; Soldiers used to rape to silence women, it didn't work. via Knit

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