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Skepticality #233 - Evolution Reading: Pre-School to High School: Interviews: Jonathan Tweet and Allen J. Woppert

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This episode Derek sits down with two guests. First is Jonathan Tweet, game designer, and science advocate. Tweet comes on Skepticality to discuss his latest writing project which will be coming to Kickstarter quite soon. It is a fun science book aimed at pre-school level children teaching the basic facts behind evolution and how living things came to be. Next, Derek talks with Allen J. Woppert about his latest book, 'The War On Science Goes Batshit', a Young Adult book about when a biology teacher in the small town of Batshit, Illinois attempts to slip Intelligent Design into the High School classroom. Derek talks with Allen about how the book came to be, and the challenges in writing a book geared toward a Young Adult audience which has the teaching of evolution as its main topic.

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