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Skepticality #184 - Learn Like a Sponge: Dr. Jeremy Friedberg: Interview: Dr. Jeremy Friedberg

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The landscape of education is changing at a pace which might be considered'warp speed'. With tools like Google and Wikipedia, along with a more techsavvy population new hurdles and challenges face professors and teachersat all levels. Computerized, online media is where many are turning forgood resources and content. This week Derek sits down with Dr. JeremyFriedberg, the founder and president of Spongelab, an online communitywhich bills itself as "A Global Science Community". This community is fullof resources, digital media, educational computer games, lesson plans andmore aimed at professors, and teachers to further enhance and help theminform and get students excited about learning the beauty of science andthe real world. Best part, all the content is free to use for anyeducator. Find out more about how one company is making sure that scienceand the real world are communicated in the most effective manner in ourmodern, cyber-enhanced world.

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