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David Evans and the one-toed walker: Interview with David Evans who curated the Zuul exhibit and a new dinosaur which probably walked on just one toe

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Dinosaur of the day Tsintaosaurus, a hadrosaur with a distinctive "unicorn-like" head crest. Interview with David Evans, a prolific researcher, associate Professor at the University of Toronto, and curator of dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) In dinosaur news this week: A new dinosaur with one large middle toe and two small slashing claws was discovered The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia has a new Dinosaurs Around the World exhibit In Edinburgh, Scotland, there are animatronic dinosaurs at West Lothian shopping center The Peoria, Illinois Riverfront Museum is getting the AMNH T. rex exhibit in 2021 Runescape is getting an update called The Land Out of Time with dinosaurs Apex Legends 2 is getting “dangerous dinosaurs” Jurassic World Alive has an update, where you can feed and play with your dinosaurs in new “sanctuaries” To get access to lots of patron only content check out For links to every news story, all of the details we shared about Tsintaosaurus, links from David Evans, and our fun fact check out

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