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Wayne Laugesen P2: How to Ace a Newspaper Endorsement Interview: Newspaper Endorsement Interviews

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In this episode, we speak with Wayne Laugesen, Editor of the Editorial Pages at the Colorado Springs Gazette. In this series, Wayne pulls back the curtain and reveals the inner workings of Newspapers and Editorial pages. In Part 2, Wayne gives candidates and causes unprecedented insight into how Editorial Board Interview process. He lays out just how the Ed Board prepares for the interview and how the interviewee should prepare. Wayne provides invaluable advice on how to conduct yourself during the interview. This truly is a one-of-a-kind resource for "How to Ace Your Newspaper Endorsement Interview" For more info and links, check out the Show Notes on   Political Trade Secrets is brought to you by Olson Strategies & Advertising Inc. With offices in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain West, OSA is a full-service public affairs firm offering advocacy, fundraising, and campaign advertising services. With decades of experience across the country and at all levels of politics, the team at OSA is dedicated to helping candidates, non-profits, corporations, and associations make a positive impact. Learn more about Dustin Olson, OSA founder and host of Political Trade Secrets, in this Colorado Statesman article.

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