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July 2017 Highlights: Primary parathyroidism with hypercalcemia; transcranial current stimulation; vagus nerve stimulation; brain structure, function related to suicide attempts in bipolar disorder; risk for diabetes in schizophrenia; and music reward therapy for anxiety.

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This month, Deputy Editor Susan K. Schultz, M.D., discusses psychiatric complications in primary parathyroidism with hypercalcemia, low-intensity transcranial current stimulation for psychiatric conditions, outcomes of vagus nerve stimulation for treatment-resistant depression, brain structure and function related to suicide attempts in young people with bipolar disorder, endogenous and medication-related risk for diabetes in schizophrenia, and gaze-contingent music reward therapy for social anxiety disorder. Articles may be viewed online at Also, visit the online edition of this month’s Journal to view a video of Deputy Editor Daniel S. Pine, M.D., presenting highlights from the issue (

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