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000: Philosophy (aka "What’s this Podcast All About?"): (aka "What's this Podcast All About?")

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I always thought the infant phase would be the hardest part of parenting, when all the baby does is eat and sleep and cry.  Now I have a toddler I'm finding it's harder than having a baby, some of the support systems that I had when she was a baby aren't there any more, and the parenting skills I need are totally different.  How do I even know what I need to learn to not mess up this parenting thing?  Should I go back to school to try to figure it all out?

In this episode I'll tell you the history and principles behind the podcast and what we'll learn together.

Note: When I revamped the website I decided that after two years of shows, some of the information in this episode was out of date.  I recently re-recorded it to highlight the resources I've created for you.

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