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#03: Science Kits with Love from Kansas to Haiti: The science of helping kids meet real world needs as they are learning

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Matt Clay is a science teacher in Ness City, Kansas and a doctoral student in education at the University of Northern Colorado researching environmental experiences. Matt is helping his science students create science kits for students in Haiti. So many bored, unexcited students. Today’s students want to do meaningful work in all of their subjects. But it can be so hard for teachers to relate their content to real world problems. In today’s show, Matt Clay talks to Vicki Davis on 10MT about how he saw a need and is rallying his science classes to meet that need. Matt takes us from when he found a need on the streets of Haiti to how he got his students and parents excited about meeting that need. He also shares the problems and pitfalls with such a project and how any teacher can apply this type of project in their classroom. Matt and his class have set up a funding page to help send their science kits to Haiti at A full transcript of this show and the show notes is available at as well as details on this month’s giveaway contest to win a MakerBot mini replicator 3D! I use this printer in my classroom and love it!

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