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Enough with the Eye-Rolling - Educating and Parenting Teenage Girls: A conversation with Jenn and Tim David Lang about an unbelievable book.

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Parenting and educating teenagers can be challenging. Teenage girls can take that challenge to a whole new level.  In this episode Jenn David-Lang and her Husband Tim David-Lang and I discuss Lisa Damour’s 2016 book Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood.  Not many books have had the impact on my thinking, my work, and my parenting that this one has had.  Jenn, Tim, and I have a lively conversation about what we learned from the book and our own experiences putting the information into practice at work and at home.  You’ll remember Jenn from two previous podcast appearances.  She produces The Main Idea (, a monthly summary of a current education book and has a ton of experience in education.  Tim David-Lang is a guidance counselor for the New York City Department of Education and has worked with teenagers for many years.  And like me, Jenn and Tim are the parents of teenage girls.  Enjoy this conversation about a great book.  Jenn has graciously agreed to share discussion questions and a summary of helpful language from the book.  You can email her directly at, and she’ll send them to you.   Support The School Leadership Show by becoming a patron: Help mae the show even better! As always, send your comments, questions, and show ideas to  Consider rating the podcast in iTunes and leaving a comment.  And please pass the show along to your colleagues. If you’d like help improving your productivity and leadership skills, please contact me at or on Twitter @doughtymike.

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