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The Real Reason The Left Silences Conservative Speakers and Suppresses Pro-Family Voices: Liberalism & The Left: A Judgemental & Intolerant Religion

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Conservatives frequently misunderstand the battleground. They try to refute beliefs with facts. Won’t work! Never has; never will. Crusaders will always defeat accountants. Believers will always defeat policy wonks. The committed will always defeat the complacent. Remember when the Moors invaded Spain? Well, one afternoon in the year 720, a brave Catholic priest bravely confronted the Moslem mob saying, “We should get together and hold a big symposium about the future of religious pluralism on the Iberian peninsula.” The Moslems removed his head, desecrated his church and converted it into a mosque. They then moved on to the next town where the same scenario was repeated. The religious believer doesn’t engage in discussion and debate with heretics. The religious believer silences, suppresses, and if necessary, does away with the heretic. Nothing but unconditional surrender is acceptable in religious warfare. Compromise is anathema. In this show I prove all the above and clearly demonstrate that at the present time, America is not torn by political incivility but it is torn by a war between two opposing and incompatible (religious) belief systems. Which side wins will determine the future of your family, your community, your country, and possibly the world. And there is a way for conservatism to win; it’s all about putting the severed flower back on the rose bush.

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