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Why Progressives Pretend Russia Is Bigger Problem Than Chinese Expansionism, Iranian Aggression, and Illegal Immigration: Timeless Truths About Trump and America's Globalist Left

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China threatens American military interests in South China Sea & American economic interests internationally. Iranian nuclear aggressiveness threatens American interests in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Illegal invasion of America by Middle Easterners, North Africans, and South and Central Americans threatens to overwhelm hospital emergency rooms, the welfare system, and the criminal justice system.  Yet to the Left, none of these threats matter. Why is Russia the only danger they scream about hysterically? Why was Russia no threat during the Obama years? Why did Justice and the FBI indict 12 lower level Russian hackers who will never see the inside of a U.S. courtroom exactly a few hours before President Trump met Mr. Putin in Finland?  The American intelligence community spied on candidate Donald Trump in 2016 and reported to President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Of course President Trump doesn’t trust them. Why should he? Why other countries’ “human-rights abuses” are none of America’s business. Thomas Friedman embarrasses me by promoting globalism and environmentalism in the New York Times by using Hebrew words! Yes, NATO is becoming an anachronism. They wouldn’t help us if we came to blows with China. And does NATO really need a new building in Brussels, as large as the Pentagon? Your rabbi explains what is REALLY going on.  

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