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Whitney Nicely teaches how to invest in real estate:

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Original Show Notes: Investing in Real Estate E29: Whitney Nicely from Whitney Nicely went from no investments (or strategies) to 19 houses, 19 apartment units and 7 chunks of land in less than three years all bringing monthly money to her bank account on auto pilot. She has traveled the United States speaking on stages, teaching her simple strategies, and meeting with other successful real estate investors- and still buying houses the way she teaches others. Since 2016, Whitney has led and trained hundreds of future real estate rock stars to grow their portfolios, collect checks and achieve financial freedom. 100’s of real estate newbies are securing leads, signing deals and scaling their dream incomes through the First Deal Done Fast Program. Welcome Whitney! [2:33] Tell us a bit about yourself? What is your favorite cereal? Why? ·      Likes cereal bars instead [3:1] What is the worst money mistake you’ve ever made? ·      Bought a house without looking at it ·      Water squishing in the carpet ·      Infested with bugs [4:14] What was your first step in acquiring all of these properties? ·      Started buying land ·      Borrowed money from family [5:13] What is the best advice you have for someone who is looking to be on the housing market? ·      Talk to friends and neighbors ·      Good deals found off the market [6:35] Tell us about the First Deal Done Fast Program? ·      Designed for new buyers ·      One student did first deal in 8 weeks [7:48] How much money did you need to invest in property? ·      $10! Just skip lunch and you can start. Sponsors [8:24] Sponsors: Chain of Wealth – Are you looking to get out of debt? Check out to find out more. If you’re enjoying this podcast, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review! Value Link Round (VLR) [8:40] Why do you think people have a hard time achieving their dreams? ·      People get scared [9:42] Do you have any other podcasts or books you recommend? ·      Podcast: All real estate all the time [9:51] What is your favorite quote? ·      Proverbs 31:16- She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. [10:13] How can our listeners get in touch with you? · ·      Free Ebook Support this podcast at —

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