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[INSPIRE 57] JEN SINCERO - HOW TO HAVE THE MOST BADASS WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS! Motivation | Career | Spirituality | Self-Help: Learn How to Attract Incredible Abundance & Take the Law of Attraction to an Entirely New Level through Jen Sincero’s (Author of You are a Badass) Rules of Wealth Consciousness! The Secret | Spirituality | Inspiration | Motivation | Business | Self-Help

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Want to be a Badass, Kick a little butt, and live your greatest life possible?
Want the most Badass Wealth Consciousness in the world?
Then do we have the show for you!
Today we’re talking with Jen Sincero, super bad-ass success coach and the run-away best-selling author of YOU ARE A BADASS.
In her words a few years ago, she said goodbye to her home in California to travel the world indefinitely and encourage as many people as possible to live lives of unbridled awesomeness.
Unbridled awesome, who couldn’t use more of that?
So today, we’ll talk about being a badass, living a kick-ass life, why fear is for suckers, and how you can live a life of unbridled awesomeness!
That, plus the G word, doing, not spewing, loving the one you is, following your crotch…it’s not what you think, taking Hell Bent for Glory Action, plus how to make money your new best friend!
 Topics Include:

Taking Risks is Essential

Finding a way to get an 85K coach

Lighting a fire under you’re a**.
Raising your energy
Letting go of fear
Change your beliefs around $$$.
The crab affect – most often the people who love you the most pull you down

We have made caring someone a negative
Family – don’t add fear, doubt and worry.

Come from a place of expansive thought and belief
Having an expanded mindset.
Jen Sincero 6 Rules of Wealth Consciousness
and the Law of Attraction for Wealth and Abundance
Why you need an Audi over a Honda!
Becoming who you desire to be before you are that person

You can’t create a new reality from the reality you’re presently in

Come from a place of abundance, not lack\
Want is a state of lack
Writing a letter to money

Learn what is going on around money in your subconscious
Question all the negative beliefs you have around money

Get clear with your desires, and the why’s behind it
If you want the car go drive it
If you want the house, visit the house
Get emotional and that will help you get over the challenges
Don’t need to know the how, just need to know the why
Have the emotion and the how will start to reveal yourself as you take those leaps of faith
Raise the frequency first
Hell bent for glory action

Will get intuitive hits all the time when have higher frequency, will scare the heck out of you!
Have the leap of faith

Getting the “BS” (big snooze, aka EGO) under control
Importance of mantras in getting past your big snooze
Life turning to (BEEP) before it turns to shinola!
Killing your ego or your old self
In nature there is no growth without friction
Consider friction a sign you’re on the right path
Meditation as medication! Critical as you’re expanding your mindset.
How to make your brain your b*tch.

Not falling prey to negative thoughts, beliefs and words.

There’s nothing as powerful as a freight-train full of F-yeah!
Leading with your Crotch

Put the fun back in and see what you can get away with!
Remember done is better than perfect!

Fear is for suckers

Can be your buddy

Healthy competition and peer pressure

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