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In the last couple of years, American embassy officials in Cuba have been injured by "sonic attacks". Jenks has followed all the leads, being convinced at one point that acoustic weapons don’t even exist, and then that they do exist, and the Russians, and then the Cubans, and then, believe it or not, the Americans were responsible. At other points, he thought it was rogue factions within different countries, only to later think maybe it was environmental factors, or mass hysteria, or a wide-range of other medical conditions he'd never heard of. What Really Happened?

Guests: Fulton Armstrong (former CIA officer), Carlos A. Treto (former Cuban Ambassador), Peter Kornbluh (Cuba Documentation Project), Tim Golden (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist), Steve Dorsey (CBS News journalist), Juliette Volcler (acoustics journalist, author of "Extremely Loud; Sound as a Weapon"), Ben Rhodes (US Deputy National Security Advisor for President Obama, author of "The World as It Is; A Memoir of the Obama White House"), Dr. Robert Bartholomew (Sociologist, Center for Inquiry in Buffalo, NY), Dr. Jon Stone (Professor of Neurology at the University of Edinburgh), and Dr. Christopher Muth (Associate Editor at The Journal of the American Medical Association)

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