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CMP Special 08 New Year Music Special 2: Taliesin and the Death Song of Uther Pendragon

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Taliesin and the Death Song of Uther Pendragon In this our second music special, the New Year Music Special, we bring you some more great music as well as another poem from the Book of Taliesin. You'll hear moving folk music from Danny Quinn, Skully, Tiffany Apan, Anne Roos, Triflemore and Claymore, some wonderful Faery music from Tinkerscuss and Faeries Wear Boots. There's also some more rocking music from Orient Xpress. This episode we are proud to announce that Orient Xpress have allowed us to offer you their marvellous rocker, Ancient Hero, as a free download. Click the following link to download Ancient Hero now. Full show notes, details and Contributor pages over at our main Website at Running Order: Intro 0:41 News & Views 1:27 Mr Monaghan's Magical Faery Dust by Faeries Wear Boots 3:30 Long Lankin by Tinkerscuss 8:18 Perfect by Triflemore 12:36 Mairi's Wedding by Anne Roos 17:08 The Death-Song of Uther Pendragon by Taliesin 20:20 Ancient Hero by Orient XPress 25:37 Scarborough Fair by Tiffany Apan 30:08 All Around My Hat by Skully 34:18 The Minstrel Boy by Danny Quinn 38:07 Buy Me a Beer by Claymore 40:31 Listener Feedback - Ariel 43:40 Promo - Druidic Craft of the Wise 44:47 We hope you enjoy it! Gary & Ruthie x x Released: 10th January 2009, 48m   We love to hear from you! Please email, or call us using Speakpipe News & Views We talk about the generous gift from Orient Xpress, their rocking song Ancient Hero and the demise of the superlative podcast, Deo's Shadow.   Mr Monaghan's Magical Faery Dust by Faeries Wear Boots Born just weeks apart, with a mutual love of all things dark, gothic, shiny, folky, and fae, it was inevitable that Chrissie and Polly would eventually come together to form Faeries Wear Boots, a modern melting-pot of the darker elements of British and Irish folk music and lore with pretty tunes, driving beats, and of course, very big boots. Soon they were joined by Chrissie's father, Andrew, and (when he wasn't busy being a rock star) her brother Robby and the Faeries Wear Boots line up was complete... Described by one festival organizer as ‘faeries with attitude’, Faeries Wear Boots continue to go from strength to strength as they win over audiences with their captivating tunes and fantastical faerie attire. ... Already Faeries Wear Boots have been asked to support Scottish songstress Isla Sinclair, and have played alongside Pagan-Folk and Faery artists such as Omnia, Daughters of Gaia, The Dolmen, Wendy Rule and Elfin Spiral. You can find out more details about Faeries Wear Boots on their Website or on their Contributor Page on our website.   Long Lankin by Tinkerscuss Tinkerscuss are sisters Erin and Bryony Holden who live in the north Gloucestershire village of Bourton-on-the-Water. They are renowned for songs that are dark and eerie along with the more traditional ‘Celtic’ pieces. The combination of Bryony's rich, resonant vocals and Erin's modal guitar style will enthral, bespell and wrap the listener in the mists of myth and legend. You can find out more details about Tinkerscuss on Myspace or on their Contributor Page on our website.    Perfect by Triflemore Sometimes the impractical makes perfect sense… From the very first tune and lyric they combined, Triflemore knew they were on to something that fit. Though choosing to start a collaboration with an entire ocean in the way, meant even small tasks would require extra effort. It also meant having to challenge any existing theories that having to be in the same room is a pre-requisite to good songwriting. And well, many have been shocked to discover that their first album, Words from Notes, a haunting, well-intertwined voice and guitar duet, was written and recorded without ever having met in person. The impractical was achieved by using technology to deliver back and forth the ideas of two souls from two very different places. Susan Rhea, from small-town Ameri

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