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CMP Special 43 Sussex Celts, Fairies & Folklore: Folklore, Fairies, Cold Iron of Sussex and Puck of Pook's Hill

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Folklore, Fairies, Cold Iron of Sussex and Puck of Pook's Hill This is our biggest show ever! A real MONSTER of a show with an excerpt from the fascinating book, British Witch Legends of Sussex which you can get hold of from the publisher Country Books, a great story by Rudyard Kipling all about that tricky Fey, Puck and six pieces of great Fairy-inspired music. It's all topped off by two poems - including one poem read by our 9-year old Grand-daughter, Amielia! Full show-notes, details and Contributor pages over at our main Website at Running Order: Intro 0:41 News & Views 2:05 Sussex Farms, Lore & Augury 3:10 Pica Pica by Kate Fletcher & Corwen Broch 6:17 Ecology and the 'Downs' of Sussex 9:09 Trip to Skye/Dance to your Daddy by Mike Gulston 14:15 British Witch Legends of Sussex, Pt.1 by Shaun Cooper 18:28 Celtic Tribes 23:37 Faerie Tale by Spiral Dance 24:35 British Witch Legends of Sussex, Pt.2 by Shaun Cooper 27:34 Scarborough Faire by Jenna Greene & Kellianna 39:57 All about the origins of Scarborough Fair 43:23 Cold Iron from 'Rewards and Fairies' by Rudyard Kipling 45:55 Shakespeare's Puck & Sussex Pharisees 1:21:39 Iron from Stone by Damh the Bard 1:26:00 Show Summary 1:33:56 Song of the Travelling Fairies by Kate Fletcher & Corwen Broch 1:39:57 Listener Feedback - Natasha 1:44:08 Fairies by Rose Fyleman 1:45:33 Outtakes 1:48:54 We hope you enjoy it! Gary & Ruthie x x Released: 3rd April 2017, 1hr 51m It's always great to hear from you! Email, or call us using Speakpipe News & Views We bring you up-to-date with the progress of the website updates and let you know that the Scripting for Branwen, Daughter of Llŷr, is nearing completion. We also let you know that all of our shows are now hosted on the much more secure and speedier Libsyn servers, and the Shownotes pages can also be found there.   Pica Pica by Kate Fletcher & Corwen Broch Pica Pica is a song stitched together from Magpie rhymes. Fishe or Fowle is Kate and Corwen's new duo CD. It is a double CD with 25 tracks. Available now, as a physical CD from their website or to download from Bandcamp. They are musicians, instrument makers and workshop leaders who perform folk music and drama, recreate Ancient music and instruments, make crafts, run workshops for schools and demonstrate at museums and other events. You can find out more about these talented folks on their website or on our Contributor Page.   Trip to Skye/Dance to your Daddy by Mike Gulston This beautiful Medley is made up by Mike's version of Trip to Skye, that he has sped up to a Mazurka rhythm and a beautiful rendition of Dance to your Daddy. He has written his own extra verse to this traditional English folk song. Mike's new solo album, Barking, was released in May 2016, an eclectic collection of traditional and modern songs, ranging from totally silly to tragic, romantic and singalong. For more details about Mike, and his work with Blanche Rowen, see their website or our Contributor Page.   British Witch Legends of Sussex by Shaun Cooper The book includes over sixty Sussex witch legends, mostly in their original texts, and they are compared with witch legends from the rest of the country - so the book is essentially a comparative study of witch legends, albeit with a very strong Sussex emphasis. Other subjects covered are: Sussex fairy and Devil legends, and dragons, Roman roads, the origins and dissemination of witch legends, and so forth. You can see an interactive map of this area on Google Maps or download the KML file for Google Maps/Earth. You can find out more about Shaun and where to get hold of his book on our Contributor Page on with his Publisher, Country Books. We discuss which tribes might fall into the categories of Iron Age 'A', 'B' and 'C' Celts that are referred to in the reading. Although there are some discrepancies with the dating, the history does make sense when compared with the movements of the Atr

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