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The Cold War - Interview with Audra Wolfe and Patrick Wyman | 8

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We’re closing out our series on the Cold War with two interviews with fascinating historians. First, we’re talking with Audra Wolfe, the author of Competing with the Soviets: Science, Technology, and the State in Cold War America, and the writer of this first six-part series of American History Tellers. Then, we take a seat in the way-back machine with Patrick Wyman, host of the hit podcasts Fall of Rome and Tides of History. We’ll investigate how the Cold War standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union compares to another much earlier rivalry between ancient Rome and the Sassanid Persians. They might not have pointed nuclear warheads at each other, but the conflict was nonetheless tense and protracted.Support us by supporting our sponsors:Squarespace- Get 10% off your website when you use the code TELLERS at checkout. Visit them at: www.squarespace.comSleep Number- Visit and get $52 off your purchase of $100 or more. To get a 4-week trial PLUS postage AND a digital scale without long-term commitments, go to, click on the Microphone at the top of the homepage and type in TELLERS

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