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Episode 15, Business Ethics (Part II): Welcome to Episode 15 (Part II of II) on Business Ethics. This week we analyse the claim "good ethics is good business", look at 'globalisation' and wrap up our thoughts on the business ethics!

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Do corporations have ethical responsibilities? If so, what are they? Is whistleblowing ethical? When are we legally protected to do so? Not only do we have the questions, but this week we have some of the answers! Tweet us your thoughts at Part I. Corporate Social Responsibility (2:20), Part II. Whistleblowing (28:00), Part III. "Good Ethics Is Good Business" (00:10 in Part II), Part IV. Globalisation, Further Analysis and Discussion (16:45 in Part II). You can find links to all the reading at Make sure you’ve subscribed to us on iTunes to get new episodes as and when they’re released! Thank you, we hope you enjoy the episode! Thank you to Desaparecidos for allowing us to play Slacktivist from their new album Payola. To find out more about the band click here:

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