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Jesse Kornbluth: Curating Culture And Creating A Life

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Jesse Kornbluth is a force. Engaging, smart and deeply-invested in exploring life, ideas, people and art. Not just the art you hang on the wall, but the art of living. Full contact. Totally engaged. Life.If you ask him what he does, he may tell you he founded But that's really just a label that makes starting a conversation easier.In truth, he devours existence, curates conversations, experiences and media, filters them through the lens of his intellect and emotion, then shares them with the world. The form his creative output takes spans nearly every medium and has landed him on nearly every media channel over a career defined by ruthless honestly, relentless service and pursuit of something bigger than "just" a paycheck.In this wide-ranging, provocative conversation, Jesse and I dive into his fascinating life (I was about to use the word "journey," but in the episode, you'll see why I may never use that word again, lol). We explore creativity, greatness, community, scaling, fascination, writing and so much more.

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