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[Ep. 179] Where To Meet Women & How To Give A Great First Kiss

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This week we dive into the MANY places that you can meet women (or people in general). We have a room full of awesome people like director/actor Alex Beh, a guy Marni met on a plane 8 years ago. Libby De Leon who Marni met randomly through a common contact.... AND a British guy that Kristen met on Tinder and has continued dating. PLUS we had a full conversation about the do's and don'ts of kissing. We talk about how women want to be kissed and huge turn offs when kissing. We also discuss: - When to approach and start talking to women - What to say when you approach and start talking to women - The WRONG way to approach and start talking to women - Good and bad kisses and how to give a great first kiss - Body Language tricks and techniques and what good body language signals to women - Examples of how to approach women online, good lines, bad lines, turn off lines AND SO MUCH MORE! For more information from Marni go to and from Kristen go to @kristencarney


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