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Success-Obsessed Parents & The Scapegoat Child: Plus: Leaving America, The Politics of Skin Color, NLVD & OCD

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30 year-old Mary M. left America for Europe to escape not only an American culture that was wearing on her but a family where she was tired of being the scapegoat to her golden-child brother.  An all-too-common scenario where her parents can only seem to support her financially but not emotionally. She discusses the prejudice she experiences as a queer woman of color, what she has learned by having a fiancee who is a trans man and the subtle politics of skin color within the black community. Other topics: when well meaning but narcissistic parents focus too much on molding their child out of fear rather than listening to what their child wants and the excessive political correctness that she believes is making true communication more difficult between people who need to hear each other, NVLD and OCD.   This ep is sponsored by BetterHelp online counseling.  To experience a free week go to  This ep is sponsored by HelloFresh meal kit delivery service.  For $30 off your first week of meals go to and use offer code MENTAL30 This ep is sponsored by ZipRecruiter.  To post jobs for free go to  To become a monthly donor (and qualify for bonus content and goodies from Paul go to To make a one-time donations via Paypal go to Help the podcast by shopping with our podcast's Amazon link (it doesn't make your product any more expensive - even bookmark it!) To help fund Paul's next trip to record international guests, especially in Ireland, go to Follow Paul on Twitter and Instagram @mentalpod

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