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Hard Factor 3/4: SpaceX Masters Docking, Martian Lakes, the Jogger Who Claimed to Kill a "Mountain Lion," and Much More

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Elon Musk's SpaceX team becomes the first commercial spacecraft to dock at the International Space Station, while new imagery from Mars confirms an ancient network of above and below-ground lakes that point to potential life in the planet's past. Listen to learn how Elon is inching closer toward the eventual goal of sacrificing humans to his Martian gods.The Colorado jogger who claimed he had killed a mountain lion that was "at least fifty pounds" actually just stomped out a baby kitten mountain lion, is a pathetic liar, and is headed straight for the Soft Corner.A man in Oregon got stuck in the snow with his dog in his 4Runner, and resorted to eating Taco Bell Fire Sauce packets to help him and the dog survive.Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including the Senate likely voting to block the border emergency, deadly tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia, US/China trade deal inching closer, and another week of iTunes reviews for a chance at a Friday episode.  

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