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How To Hack Fear: W/ tony Blauer

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More dangerous than your opponent is your mind. If it doesn’t support you, you’re beaten before you’ve started. There are really only two types of fear: biological and psychological. -Tony Blauer When does fear come up- That moment you step up to a heavy barbell… When you are getting hit on by someone attractive at a bar… When you are speaking up to a new group of people… snakes… spiders… Fear is always driving us. Our awareness of it is more important than thinking we can ignore it or make it go away.  Tony Blauer has dedicated his life to knowing fear, and learning/teaching others how to manage it. He works with fighters, military units, CrossFitters, and everyone in between. We brought Tony on the show to talk about fear and how we can understand and manage it as athletes. As humans, the fear is build into the programming …the macho “I’m not scared” mentality is as much a lie as it a shitty strategy. Fear is biologically built into us, and ignoring it is impossible. However understanding it, and reacting quickly and appropriately to it is what leads to success in your endevours ....and getting out of bad situations.  We cover the psychology of fear, chat about street fights, and dive into functional movement and personal defense.  Tony runs a section of CrossFit education called CrossFit Spear. It isa full depth course going into the practice of self defense. You can learn more about it at enjoy! Mike

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