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Episode 91- Strength Coach Podcast: Dr. Perry on the "Powerhouse 3"; Lee Burton clears up Rotary Stability

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Highlights of Episode 91

"Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach"- Dr. Perry Nickelston,, on to talk about his upcoming lecture, "The Powerhouse 3, Maximize Core Symmetry for Power, Performance and Durability" that he is doing at Dana Cavalea's ML Strength Performance Conference on November 12 in White Plains.  Very informative info coming from Dr. Perry.
"The Coach's Corner with Coach Boyle"- Coach Boyle talks about The Case for Direct Cuff Training for Contact Sports, Post Game Recovery Strategies and Does Technical Work in the Gym Transfer?"Ask the Equipment Experts with Perform Better" - Erin McGirr tells us about the new sale, QR Codes in the new catalog and the presenters at the One Day Seminars.
"The Business of Fitness" with Results Fitness - Rachel Cosgrove talks about "The Power of Your Thoughts"
"The Art of Coaching with Athletes' Performance"- John Stemmerman talks more about "Coaching When There is a Language Barrier" "Ask Functional Movement Systems"- Lee Burton discusses the confusion with Rotary Stability test, what to look for and what to think about when choosing correctives.


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