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#94 Hacking Your PH, LED lighting, & Smart Drugs with Steven Fowkes Part 1

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We have all heard of “pH,” but do you actually know what it is or how to measure it in your body? In this very special episode of Bulletproof Radio, Steve Fowkes is on the show in part 1 of a two-part series with one of Dave’s mentors and heavy-hitting science experts. Steve’s sophisticated understanding of pH mechanisms of health go far beyond the simplistic "alkalinize, alkalinize, alkalinize" message that most people hear. You’ll discover how to hack your own pH and circadian rhythm and why doing so is essential to increasing your performance. Grab a pen and enjoy. And don’t forget to listen to part 2 later this week!

Steven Wm. Fowkes is an organic chemist by degree and a scientific generalist by nature.  He is author/co-author of six books, five of which are health related, and has published over 100 issues of two health newsletters.  He has been hacking health for four decades in many novel ways, long before self-care and Quantified Self became popular ideas.  One hack was overcoming severe stage fright, which enables Steve to do public speaking engagements (see him at last year's Bulletproof Conference) and TV appearances (including his 15 minutes of fame on Larry King Live). Google him! 

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