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Brain Health with Amen Clinics: How to keep a healthy brain.

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Tana and Daniel Amen are experts in brain health, and they deliver practical and simple ways for you to have a healthy brain, and consequently, a better quality of life. Daily small habits you can start practicing today — what are you waiting for? Listen to this podcast, and become aware of your negative and positive habits. Start today to uplevel your health and your life!   Key Takeaways: [1:45] Daniel Amen’s career briefing [2:38] Tana Amen´s career briefing [3:40] How they got the idea of including the word “war” in the title of their book. [5:15] MASTERY acronym [6:53] What are the worst habits that people are doing that can hurt their brain? [9:20] Tiny habits everyday that can transform your life. [10:20] The food relationship is like other relationships. [11:35] Are your habits serving you or hurting you? [12:40] What are the habits you can start practicing today? [14:15] Why drinking water is the best for your brain. [14:45] Today is going to be a great day. [16:33] Your children will do what you do, not what you tell them. [19:00] How to achieve a better quality sleep? [19:40] How do you help recovering from a brain injury?   Mentioned in This Episode: Facebook page @JJVirginOfficial

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