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432: Patrick Van Horne | Left Of Bang

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Using techniques developed by the Marines makes reading nonverbal cues to identify potential threats very straightforward.
"Somewhere between 60-90 percent of all communication is nonverbal. If you're making a decision in the absence of 60-90 percent of everything you could gather about a situation or person, are you really making an informed judgment?" -Patrick Van Horne
The Cheat Sheet:

Can you determine threats by reading nonverbal cues?
Discover how to observe people and situations with the Baseline + Anomaly = Decision process.
Learn the four pillars of observable behavior and specifically the four ways to observe and assess individual people.
Know how to assign a person to the dominant, submissive, uncomfortable, and comfortable clusters.
Further master the process and trust your gut instincts about potential threats.
And so much more...

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