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How to Improve Your Running Form in Under 5 Minutes with the TrueForm Runner: This special edition episode features the TrueForm runner, the latest phenomenon in running equipment. Founder Jeff Vernon explains how runners can change the way they run instantly to understand how to run efficiently and effectively even if only running

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Today, we’ll be learning about the True Form Runner. You may or may not have heard of it, but it’s quickly becoming an international fitness phenomenon, and with good reason. As runners, we all focus on having the best posture and form possible, so as to stay injury free and get the best results from our workouts. That’s where True Form comes in. Jeff Vernon, one of the developers of True Form Runner, will be joining us today to discuss the in’s and out’s, how it’s used and what you can gain by using it. Here are some other topics we discuss:  ·       Jeff’s journey to develop The True Form

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