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390: Lena Roos on Religion and Gardening: Bringing together nature and theology.

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Bringing together nature and theology. In This Podcast: Her background is in studying the connections of religion to many aspects of daily life and Professor Lena Roos is now focused on how religion and gardening are interwoven in our past and what that looks like in our present. She discusses several key religions of the world, the garden connections, and even how some myths built upon gardening and creation themes.  She is asking for input on her current research and wants to know of active faith-based community gardens. Don’t miss an episode! Click here to sign up for podcast updatesor visit Lena is a Full Professor, teaching History of Religions in Stockholm Sweden. She is also an avid allotment grower of vegetables who last year harvested (literally) a ton of vegetables from her 120 square meters in two allotments in urban Uppsala. Originally a medievalist, she specializes in inter-religious relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims during the Middle Ages. Her other research includes topics like religion and volunteering, religion and sexuality, religion and food, and more recently religion and gardening. Lena is about to embark upon a new research project on faith-based community gardens and would like to get in touch with people currently involved in such. Go to for more information and links on this podcast, and to find our other great guests. 390: Lena Roos on Religion and Gardening

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