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Shocking Fast Food Secrets

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Believe it or not there has been a dramatic shift in the way we eat in the past couple of years.  Just a couple of years ago - for the first time ever - Americans spent more money per year eating out than they did at the grocery store. We are eating out kore than ever before and for many of us that means Fast Food!In this episode, Jon and Megan round up some of the most surprising -- and even shocking -- facts about fast food that will hopefully stick with you the next time you find yourself pulling up to that lit up menu and “order hear” box.There is good news though: Protecting your waistline and wallet doesn’t require ditching the burgers, sandwiches, and fries you hate to love. Once you’ve learned some of these fast food industry trade secrets, it’ll be easy to place healthier orders, lose weight, and save your hard-earned dollars. 

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