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Beyonce, Lamar Odom, Sheryl Underwood, Carla's Reality Update and more.

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Good morning and it's a very good Thursday.  God is working on Steve's behalf as we speak and there is some truth here for you.  Is old school relationship advice obsolete?  Netflix bet on a winner when they partnered up with Mrs. Carter.  Lil Nas X is popular in the Kim K household.  What is the fate of Zion Williamson?  Lamar Odom opens up about his vices.  Sheryl Underwood stops by and we find out the she is a huge supporter of boy bands and more.  We have a survey that talks about friends and the crew give their opinions.  Miss Carla Reality Update covers the latest in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as well as Real Housewives of Potomac.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks about his wife, friendship and more. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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