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34: The Hustle Is Sold Separately: The Art of Winning w/ Ebony Swank: What's the connection between having a strong wor…

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What's the connection between having a strong work ethic + being a superb troubleshooter/problem solver? In this episode, we chat with fashion entrepreneur Ebony Swank. Ebony discusses how she was able to take a small investment and launch Swank-a-posh Boutique, which she eventually expanded into three retail locations in Detroit. She later launched a venture for entrepreneurs who need help called Business Best Friend. Even if you're not interested in fashion or retail, you'll learn the core principles of what it takes to get your idea up and running, figure out your target market, and WIN at whatever your dream is. SHOW NOTES: SUBSCRIBE: Follow Dreams In Drive on Social: Follow Ebony Swank on social: Find Rana on social:

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