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How Therapy Works And Why You Should Think About Talking to Someone

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Over the last 6 months my husband Jason and I have been on an intense journey of mental health and a lot of that growth has come as a result of both of us working with therapists on a regular basis. And of course when you are going through something, you can really see the value in it for lots of others. But in talking about therapy with friends, I’ve found that many found it an intimidating and overwhelming process.  Even I have all kinds of questions about how therapy works, but it just doesn't feel right in the middle of a session. So this week I sat down with Lori Gottleib. She’s a psychotherapist and writes a weekly Dear Therapist Column for the Atlantic.  Lori has written a number of New York Times Bestselling books which have been translated to 20 languages. Her latest book just came out on April 2, and it’s called Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. Lori is going to explain:-       How therapists approach every session and what they are trying to accomplish-       How therapists think about change and how that can help you take meaningful steps in your life-       What they are scribbling back there in their notes as you’re talking-       What you can learn about being a better listener and partner from how therapists approach their clients

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