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Hearst vs Pulitzer - Newsies | 5

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A close up look at a crisis of their own making. One that nearly cost Hearst and Pulitzer their grip on the country’s first media empires. Instead of pitting them against each other, the crisis would see the two media moguls finding rare common ground.At the turn of the century, newspapers flew off the presses in 8 or 10 separate editions a day. Newsies grabbed them off stacks in the alleys and took to the streets, their little hands stained with ink. But when the Newsies go on strike, no papes get sold. No papes, no profit - which leaves both Hearst and Pulitzer with a BIG problem.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Zip Recruiter - Get a free trial and learn how to hire smarter when you visit them at - Where work happens. Visit to get communicating today.

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