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Aspark Owl EV Videos, LEAF Up For Top Award and Elon Tweets | 18 Feb 2018: Almost 600,000 Electric Cars Sold In 2017 | 12 Best Things About The Model 3 | New Nissan LEAF Nominated For World Car Award | Elon Responds To Model 3 Owner Following Crash | Record Profits For Zoe EV Maker Renault | Aspark Owl EV Seen In Two Videos

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Sunday 18th February 2018. On the podcast today… The sales figures 581,000 EV’s were sold worldwide last year, that’s just shy of 1% of the global car market on average.  And the Nissan LEAF lost its crown at the end of the year to the BAIC EV, whilst China was the World’s top market for electric car sales. Business Insider UK have written about the 12 best features of the Tesla Model 3. The new Nissan LEAF has made the shortlist for ‘2018 World Car of the Year’ awards, and also the ‘2018 World Green Car’ category. Elon Musk is back on Twitter and responding to customers, in particular a Model 3 owner who noticed the glovebox couldn’t be opened following an accident. Elon said an update was coming which means the glovebox would open in the event of a crash. Congratulation to Zoe EV maker Renault, which announced record profits, which is good new for future EV investment. The Aspark Owl EV is in supercar territory, with two new videos hitting the internet showing (a claimed) 0-60 sprint in less than 2 seconds.   Thank you for listening today, I hope you've enjoyed it. We'd love to spread the word about electric cars so please do share this with at least one person who might be interested. Just a reminder you can listen to all of our previous podcasts on iTunes, whilst you’re there why not Subscribe for free and then you get them automatically. It would really mean a lot if you could take 2mins to leave a quick review on iTunes which will help us spread the word to a wider audience about electric cars. If you have an Amazon Echo, why not be one of the first to download our brand new Alexa Skill, search for EV News Daily and add it as a flash briefing. Come and say hi on Twitter @EVNewsDaily, have a wonderful day, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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