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15 Mar 2019 | Model Y Launch Live From Hawthorne Design Center: Highlights Of Elon Musk’s Launch Presentation | Details Of The Groundbreaking Tesla Model Y | We Go Live To California To Talk To Someone Who Was There

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Show #416.   Can You Help Me Fight The Fossils? Read More About Patreon here   Read today’s show notes on   Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Friday 15th March 2019. It’s Martyn Lee here and I’ve been through every EV story I could find today, and picked out the best ones to save you time.   Thank you to for helping make this show, they’ve built the first marketplace specifically for Electric Vehicles. It’s a totally free marketplace that simplifies the buying and selling process, and help you learn about EVs along the way too.     We kick off with Elon looking at back at where the company came from…   Clip 1   Next he talked about the other parts of the company and the Tesla ecosystem   Clip 2   Superchargers, could go even faster.   Clip 3   But the reason we’re talking, the Model Y. Here are the key clips. The price is the key, at $39, but at the end, listen for the quote “we’ll sell more of these than S, 3 and X combined”   Clip 4     Tesla Model Y Officially Revealed: Seats 7, 300-Mile Range "The covers are officially off, and at first glance the much-anticipated Model Y looks to be a proper contender in the compact crossover market. We’ll cut right to the chase with the juicy details – this is a seven-passenger people mover that delivers a range up to 300 miles and can sprint to 60 mph in as little as 3.5 seconds, depending on the trim level. Pricing will start at $39,000 (approx. £29,500 at the current exchange rate) for a Standard Range model, though it won’t hit the market until spring of 2021. Long Range, AWD, and Performance models will be available this fall starting at $51,000 (£38,500)." Says Chris Smith for the UK edition of "tandard Range serves as the entry point but it still won't be a sleepy SUV with a 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds. Range will be lower, however, with 230 miles available between charges. The Long Range model gets you to 300 and a slightly faster 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds, while the Performance model is the hot model while still offering a 280-mile range. You'll pay for it though, with prices starting around $60,000 (£45,280). In between them all is the Dual Motor AWD version that offers 280 miles of range, a 0-60 time of 4.8 seconds, and a $51,000 (£38,500) price tag."   But what is it like to actually BE at a Tesla car reveal? Let's find out. At 8am UK time which is 1am in California we can go live to someone to has just attended the event, podcast listener Lars Hoffman hello...     COMMUNITY And thanks to they’ve set us another Question Of The Week. Keep your comments coming in on email and YouTube…   What slogan, motto or catchphrase would you print on a t-shirt to say something about electric cars     I want to say a heartfelt thank you to the 201 patrons of this podcast whose generosity means I get to keep making this show, which aims to entertain and inform thousands of listeners every day about a brighter future. By no means do you have to check out Patreon but if it’s something you’ve been thinking about, by all means look at     PHIL ROBERTS / ELECTRIC FUTURE (PREMIUM PARTNER) ELECTRICMOTORING.NET (PREMIUM PARTNER) BRAD CROSBY (PREMIUM PARTNER)   DAVID ALLEN (PARTNER) OEM AUDIO OF NEW ZEALAND AND EVPOWER.CO.NZ (PARTNER) SASCHA PALLENBERG (PARTNER) JON BEARDY MCBEARDFACE / KENT EVs (PARTNER) PAUL O’CONNER (PARTNER) ALAN ROBSON (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) ALEX BANAHENE (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) ALEXANDER FRANK @ ARILD GEIR SKAALSVEEN (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) ASHLEY HILL (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) BÅRD FJUKSTAD (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) BARRY PENISTON (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) BOB MUIR / GINGERCOMPUTERS.COM IN DUNDEE (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) BORISLAV BORISOV (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) BRENT KINGSFORD (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) BRIAN THOMPSON (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) BRIAN WE

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